Steve Head - How Employee Well-Being Drives Performance


Steve Head presented his session "How Employee Well-Being Drives Performance" at Oulton Hall, Leeds on Friday 22nd November 2013.


Employee engagement is becoming a significant challenge for HR teams throughout the UK and Europe. In this video, Steve will show you how to get more from your employees with the following factors:


  • Self awareness - the quality of your self talk affects how you feel. Critical self talk will bring you down whereas constructive self talk can lift you.
  • Interrogate success - focus on what works and be curious to find out. Every business has issues and challenges, be aware of them but concentrating solely on these will not fix them. Talk about the good stuff!
  • Confidence - the three processes you need to do anything (Knowledge, Skill and Desire/Determination/Drive)
  • Glimpse of Brilliance - an experience you've had that has worked before. Use these past techniques and adapt them to current situations. Visualize, talk about what was said and re-feel it!
  • Model for performance - performance will improve if you have potential and you remove the internal and external intereferences blocking the way.
  • Make that 1% difference - coaching processes to individuals and teams.


The session was high energy, interactive, light hearted and very practical. Delegates understood how to apply simple coaching processes with their senior team and enable them to increase discretionary effort within their departments.


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